Make the Most of Your Resolution

Sharon Rekieta, Fitness and Wellness Director - 14th January 2013

If you resolved to start exercising, the following hints may help you keep that resolution:
If you have been inactive, start slowly by exercising in brief segments—for some, 10 – 15 minutes may be enough for a few workouts while others may need to keep their workouts brief for a few weeks.

Take it easy until your body adapts to the new demands.  Work at a moderately challenging level and gradually raise the intensity when the workout seems easier.

If you are not quite sure what activity is best for you, first recall why you resolved to start exercising—was it to lose weight, improve conditioning, do something fun or different, socialize and make friends, keep your mind engaged as well as your body?

Then ask yourself the following questions to discover some options that fit your personality and coincide with your initial reason to start exercising:

Do you enjoy group settings or a team atmosphere?
Does exercise seem like the perfect opportunity to find some private time for yourself?
Are you easy-going or do you have a competitive spirit?
Do you enjoy the outdoors or would you prefer an indoor, climate-controlled setting?
Are you motivated by goals?

To understand how a little bit of self-discovery can help you keep your resolution, consider this example: three individuals enjoy biking; however, their reasons and personality types are different so the type of biking each selects might also be different.

One prefers group settings and climate-control so indoor cycling would probably be a good fit.
Another looks forward to being alone and connecting with nature so she might choose leisurely and solitary bike rides outdoors.
Someone with a competitive spirit might elect to join a recreational racing team.

Make the most of your resolution this year by taking some time to discover your fitness personality.  And whatever activity or exercise option you choose, ease into your routine slowly, listen to your body, and repeat what makes you smile.