New Spa Treatments for 2014

Robin Jones - 19th February 2014

Guests can indulge without the calories in new spa treatment offerings such as a Nourishing Avocado Sea Mud Masque, Lakeshore Fig Scrub or the Blueberry Restorative Facial. And if that doesn’t satisfy the need for a nourishing boost, new anti-aging treatments such as the Vitamin C Renewal, Platinum Lift Facial or Renewal Manicure will help guests attain a youthful glow.

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Nourishing Avocado Sea Mud Masque (Signature Treatment) (Packageable)
Our nourishing all-natural masque will leave your skin hydrated and feeling renewed. This unique blend of avocado, sea mud, kelp, algae and shea butter are the perfect ingredients to stimulate circulation and improved elasticity of the skin. You will also receive a scalp treatment of avocado oil infused with lime, tangerine and pink grapefruit. Yum! And to finish off this luxurious treatment 100% pure avocado oil will be applied for the ultimate in hydration and relaxation.
50 minutes, (no massage) $175
80 minutes with massage $220

Lakeshore Fig Scrub (Packageable)
Inspired by our beautiful fig trees at Lake Austin Spa Resort, this rejuvenating treatment begins with an invigorating sugar scrub having a delightful mixture of fig, aloe vera, jojoba and sunflower oil. After a shower in our beautiful private treatment room, we finish with a luxurious lotion of fig, chamomile, green tea and lavender. The lingering scent of sun ripened fruit and woodsy leaves will leave you feeling blissful.
50 minutes (no massage) $165
80 minutes with massage $215

Vitamin C Renewal (Signature Treatment)
This potent antioxidant and aromatherapy treatment is ideal for skin suffering from dehydration and environmental damage at any age. The mango and seaweed crystals polish the skin with highly effective vitamin C, Alpha Hydroxy Acid and natural exfoliating agents. After your shower, the papaya and guava soufflé wrap will help revitalize the skin while lightening and firming. During this wrap you receive a head, neck and shoulder massage. Then you will receive an application of mandarin oil which will enhance the hydration properties and send you into relaxation bliss.
80 minutes $230
110 minutes $325, with massage

Blueberry Restorative Facial (Packageable)
Based on the most current peptide advancements in anti-aging skin care, this restorative facial addresses sensitive skin concerns, signs of aging and rosacea. Starting with a gentle peel and nourishing masque, the blueberry and vanilla antioxidants will neutralize redness and the free radical damage to the skin, leaving it hydrated, calm and feeling youthful.
50 minutes $175

Platinum Lift Facial
Signature Treatment A non-surgical facelift that will instantly tighten and restructure key areas of concern. This facial achieves long lasting results by combining the most advanced natural ingredients with the latest micro-current technology to deliver active ingredients deeper into the skin. Surprisingly soothing, the micro-current massage stimulates blood flow and firms your complexion, leaving healthy, radiant and younger looking skin.
80 minutes $255

Renewal Manicure
Fortify your hands with the potent antioxidants naturally abundant in red wine. The peel gently exfoliates dead cells as it infuses the skin with soothing honey and essential vitamins. The finishing touch is a relaxing hand and arm massage with oil enriched with the power of red grapes. Choose your favorite nail color and experience younger looking hands!
50 minutes $70