New Treatments for Total Relaxation

Site Administrator - 4th February 2013

By: Robin Jones, Spa Director

One of the fun aspects of being a Spa Director is researching new products and developing new treatments. I look at diversity and uniqueness when I am investigating product companies to find the best suited to our present offerings. Our refreshed menu features seven new treatments which draw inspiration from the Earth as well as from ancient and modern therapeutic techniques. Wooden hammers, Plant Stem Cell Serum and 58 hydrotherapy jets are just a few of the highlights that you can benefit from at Lake Austin Spa Resort. Now is the time to make a promise to yourself to have a massage or treatment once a month, once every few months or once every six months. You will always have something to look forward to and it will aid in keeping you balanced.

“Little Drops of Rain”
This Native American-inspired treatment utilizes nine essential oils sprinkled along the spine, coupled with specialized massage strokes. Some of the essential oils have a natural warming effect on the spine. The oils help to melt away tension in the back and neck, aligning energy. Stress is relieved and a true sense of well-being is restored. 50 minutes $165 / 80 minutes $215

“The Ancient Art of TokSen”
This centuries old Northern Thailand massage, utilizes the stretching of Table Thai massage combined with rhythmic tapping on the energy lines of the body with a special wooden hammer to create deeply healing vibrations. The soothing vibrations release energy blockages and stimulate circulation. This technique combined with Thai massage leaves the body relaxed and rebalanced. Loose, comfortable clothing required. 50 minutes $160 / 80 minutes $210

“Sports Soak and Massage”
Enjoy a warm soak in mineral salts in the 58-jet hydrotherapy tub to ease muscle soreness and aid detoxification before the specialized massage. An athletic massage using arnica oil incorporates rhythmic strokes along with medium pressure to stimulate muscles, aid in flexibility and flush metabolic waste. You’ll emerge feeling relaxed and refreshed. 70 minutes $195

“Quench Body Wrap”
This lusciously hydrating full-body quench infuses the skin with warm organic shea butter for head to toe healing. The shea butter is brushed on the body prior to being wrapped. While you are cocooned, warm oil is drizzled onto your hair for a luxurious scalp massage. 50 minutes $150 / 80 minutes $210

“Calming Detox Wrap”
A full-body massage followed by a detoxifying, firming wrap. While the soothing cactus gel warms on the body, blood circulation increases, which improves the skin’s elasticity—helping to firm and tighten. This treatment is great for nourishing the skin as it’s packed with vitamins, minerals and calming aloe. An intensive foot scrub with a honey heel glaze is included for the ultimate in foot hydration. 80 minutes $195

“Natural Face Lift”
Our regenerating and high-performance facial utilizes ultrasonic and micro-current technologies while incorporating Plant Stem Cell Serum, which can replace damaged skin cells. An herbal enzyme peel along with the serum stimulates new skin growth and slows cellular aging. The treatment will deliver deep hydration, helping erase fine lines and wrinkles for visibly firmer, more toned skin. 50 minutes $170

“Advanced Resurfacing Facial”
This advanced facial will re-energize skin cells, increase hydration, reduce wrinkles and firm and lift the skin. This results driven facial depends on active peptides for building collagen and restoring youthful qualities. Peptides also rejuvenate, revive and protect the skin. 50 minutes $170

Our exquisite facilities will further enhance yourspa experience. The LakeHouse Spa is furnished with art, antiques and textiles creating the feeling of visiting your best friend’s lakehouse. You will enjoy the sauna, steam room, indoor and outdoor whirlpool as well as an indoor and outdoor pool. I hope to see you soon!