One-on-one with Chef Sara Moulton

Robbie Hudson, Program Director - 22nd July 2013

Our Program Director, Robbie Hudson shares a few questions posed to Sara Moulton during her stay.

What have you enjoyed most while here this trip?
I am here with my daughter, sister and niece. We have had great conversations in the hot tub! We have all tried new classes (loved the foam roller!) and learned new tips like how important the placement of the hands are in yoga poses.

My daughter, Ruthie has found a renewed fascination with nature and has been taking pictures all over the property.

Is there a dish that you specifically enjoyed in our dining room?
All of the food is wonderful, but I really liked the Filet Mignon for dinner, the amazing cold carrot soup, and of course the bread pudding with dark chocolate bits!

Any spa treatments that stood out this visit?
All four of us had the “Texas Starry Night” the first night we were here, I love that treatment, and it has become a first night tradition.

What can you share with us regarding a new favorite recipe idea?
I have been making flavored ice cubes to go in drinks. In the demo this time we served a delicious Kaffir Lime Lemonade with watermelon ice cubes. Great that you have Kaffir lime trees right here in the Lake Austin gardens!

The flavored ice cubes are great made from leftover coffee, teas and pureed fruits.
They add intense flavor and don’t water down your summer drinks.

I am sharing the recipe that was adapted from Fred Thompson which I embellished with the watermelon flavored ice cubes, click here to see the recipe.  Until next time, enjoy!

Look for Sara’s program, “Sara’s Weeknight Meals” on your local PBS station.