Post Marathon Massage

Site Administrator - 20th November 2012

By: Robin Jones
LakeHouse Spa Director

I always looked forward to the annual Kiawah Island Marathon in SC every December. No, I didn’t run but volunteered as a Massage Therapist to give complimentary massages for the runners. It was always an exciting day and the people were so very appreciative. It was amazing how many runners said “it’s my first and probably my last – but it was AWESOME!” My son experienced his first marathon last weekend in Malibu and he said that very statement as he hobbled towards me. It was after taking care of his poor muscles that day that I thought I would share some massage tips for runners after running a marathon.

Your muscles have sustained significant stress and sometimes damage from a marathon run. Its 26.2 miles! Once the marathon is complete it’s important to do very gentle stretching. There’s an increased build-up of lactic acid and a light, short massage is truly beneficial. The massage will help flush out metabolic waste and bring much needed oxygen and nutrients flowing to your muscles again.

Those of you who are accustomed to receiving deep tissue massage may think that’s what your body needs after a marathon. It couldn’t be further from the truth! Post marathon massage usually consists of good basic strokes that flush the muscles in the legs, gluteal muscles and the lower back. Those of you that hold tension in your shoulders when you run may request work there, as well. I happen to like some easy compression moves and rocking on the large muscle groups.

Lastly, it may take several weeks to recover from a marathon and at that time you can continue with your normal pressure during your massage session. It doesn’t matter if you are a runner or not, I highly recommend a massage a month for balance and well-being.