Put Your Oxygen Mask On

Tracy York, General Manager - 9th July 2012

We have all heard the instructions from the nice flight attendant at the beginning of each flight... "in the event of an emergency, if you are flying with young children (or someone acting like a child), secure your oxygen mask first, then place the oxygen mask on your child." Smart instruction that basically says, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF SO THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF OTHERS. Wise advice that instinctively we all know to be correct, but that we women, have a great deal of difficulty following.

This past week, I was visiting with such a guest. Frequent readers of this blog will know that I often say that anecdotally, approximately half of our guests visit Lake Austin Spa Resort for fun and relaxation, to celebrate with a friend or to just get away. The other half by my estimate, come here while dealing with unfathomable life challenges. Whether it be divorce, death, illness, job or career change, parenting or something else, I am often overcome when speaking with these guests about the challenges they endure. I found myself face to face this week with an incredibly brave woman who told me of the difficulties she has been dealing with for the past several years. I was struck by her words, her strength, and her positive outlook in the face of immeasurable struggles. When I asked her how she found us, she simply told me that she had several friends that told her she had to put her own oxygen mask on if she was going to make it another day. What wise advice from friends and I was truly honored and humbled that she had chosen Lake Austin Spa Resort for that much needed respite. It is in times like these that that I am reminded that the community that is Lake Austin Spa Resort – the nature, the peace and quiet, the staff and her fellow guests – can be so healing. I left this guest with a hug and a smile and an offer to do all I could to make her stay enjoyable and relaxing. It seemed so small in light of the burden she carries each day, but I also left that conversation with the resolve to write this note to remind myself as well as each one of you - TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF SO THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF OTHERS.

Be well!

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