Spring for Relaxation and Hydration

Site Administrator - 26th March 2013

By: Robin Jones
LakeHouse Spa Director

We have a vast and wide variety of treatments throughout our entire menu and sometimes it’s hard to choose which one would best suit you.I know my skin is feeling a bit dry this time of year and one of our new treatments is the “Quench Body Wrap”. The organic shea butter is warmed and brushed onto the body prior to being wrapped. While you are cocooned, warm oil is drizzled onto your hair and the scalp is massaged. The longer treatment includes a full body massage and the skin and hair is luxuriously soft.It is intensely hydrating and offered in 50 minute or 80 minute sessions.

Now that we’ve cared for your body and hair – on to the face. I don’t think it matters how old a person is when it comes to the care of the skin. We offer 15 facials that will help any issue that you might be experiencing. Our “Advanced Resurfacing Facial” incorporates the power of nature’s own stem cells and peptides to rejuvenate, revive and protect the skin. After just one treatment skin feels smoother, is instantly hydrated and looks brighter. Any wrinkles and lines are less visible.

Next, the nails! Get those toes ready for some flashy new colors with our “Heavenly Hydrating Pedicure”! It starts with a “scent journey” to discover what aroma is your favorite. Or, we can mix two aromas together for your very own scent. The organic shea butter exfoliation scrub is followed by a massage infused with shea butter cream mixed with vitamin E and jojoba oil. The final masque seals in hydration to transform your skin to feel cashmere soft.
Come visit the LakeHouse Spa at Lake Austin Spa Resort and kick off your Spring with full relaxation and hydration!