Staying Young At A Spa Resort In Texas

superadmin - 17th June 2014

Lake Austin Spa Resort is one of the best Spa Resorts In Texas and I feel proud of working here, but after so many years I am afraid to say the day I was dreading finally came. This is a day I am just not ready for nor am I sure I will ever be—my AARP invitation! Bright red letters cheerfully inviting me to send in my $16 for a one-year membership with a long list of benefits I am now entitled to. Nothing against a fine organization like AARP, but as when I started receiving statements from the social security administration telling me what my retirement benefit will be or when I went to the eye doctor for my first pair of “progressives” – some things I am not quite ready for! Anyone can use stress relief activities after realizing they are close to retirement. It seems to me I was a kid just yesterday and while I have no desire to return to the days of yore (especially High School!) – I am not sure I am ready to start flashing my AARP card to get a senior discount for the early seating at Luby’s.

When my personalized invitation arrived in the mail with the AARP logo blazed on the envelope and the note indicating my membership card was enclosed, I laughed. I laughed even harder when the second and third invitations arrived over the next 2 weeks. No matter their marketing materials, I guess at some point I have to face the fact that I am no longer growing up, but growing older. Instead of worrying about gray hair and progressive lenses however, I think I will embrace the grace that comes with aging. I get to enjoy things such as girlfriend getaways, now that I have more money, and plenty of other activities in Austin. I welcome the wisdom not to worry about the little things that seemed so important when I was in my 20’s. I treasure the lifetime of friends that without whom my life would be so empty. I count my riches in the wealth of a tremendous family and I cherish the gift of each new day because age has taught me, they are not guaranteed.
My dear mother told me when she retired she had to learn to “mosey”.  Well maybe my invitation from AARP is the first (and I guess second and third) whisper in my ear that it is time to consider not being rushed and stressed all the time. And I have to admit, it sounds pretty good.

How about if I meet you at Luby’s – Tuesday, around 5:00 pm sound good? I will pick Mom up and meet you there after our mother daughter getaway. I think I want some fish sticks.

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