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“Anybody can be a runner.  We were meant to move.  We were meant to run.  It’s the easiest sport.”
--Bill Rodgers

Secret 1: Start: Every mile, 5K and marathon starts with a step.  Depending on your fitness level and exercise history, the start of your journey towards becoming a runner could be taking a few steps down your driveway or jogging a few intervals during your walk.

“If you run, you are a runner.  It doesn’t matter how fast or how far.  It doesn’t matter if today is…

In Honor of National Running Day

Why do I run? 

  • Because I can
  • Because I can run solo, with my dog or with my running group buddies.
  • Because it’s cheaper than therapy
  • Because I really enjoy working up a serious sweat
  • Because I want to send that cupcake packing
  • Because I love to feel the after-effects
  • Because there are no techniques to learn, moves to master or equipment to buy
  • Because it’s my personal time to think, train, create and unwind. 

Although I might…

A question from one of our blog readers…

Is “lifting weights” the same as “resistance-training” or “body sculpting”?

Yes, all of those terms are synonyms and the broad definition is any type of activity that puts more than normal amounts of stress or resistance on your muscles.  This type of training increases your lean muscle tissue, sculpts your body, and adds definition.  And, you do not have to necessarily “pump iron” to achieve results.  Using exercise bands,…