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Do you return from a vacation carrying extra “baggage” around your waist?  If so, try some of the following hints.

Pack your walking/running shoes and workout clothing and wear them often!  You’ll see sights that you might miss when traveling by car, you’ll enjoy the fresh air and you’ll burn calories without much extra effort.

When the weather’s not cooperating for outdoor activity, get in a quick workout at the fitness center at the hotel.  Or, find a nearby health club. …

Recent research shows that a 20-minute daily walk boosts memory power, sharpens the mind and counters some of the cognitive decline normally associated with aging.

How can such a simple and brief activity yield such amazing benefits?  Walking increases blood flow throughout the body including the brain.  The additional blood flow in the brain brings nourishment to its vessels and tissues thereby stimulating the generation of new neurons and improving synaptic connections.  As a result…