The Adventurous Spa Guest

Tony Hanley, Massage Supervisor - 6th September 2012

Spa guests are usually willing to branch out and try different types of massage beyond just Swedish or Deep Tissue. With so many different types of massage available, it can be overwhelming and hard to choose the best therapy for you. More "adventurous" modalities that can be seen on the LakeHouse Spa menu of services include Thai massage, Shiatsu and Ayruvedic treatments.

Thai Massage is known as the "lazy man's yoga". There are two components of Thai massage: a stretching component and an acupressure component, which are also referred to as working the sen lines/points. These two components work together to remove any energy blockages in the body. The Thai people believe that illness results when these energy channels become blocked. In acupuncture, the therapist works with 14 meridians that correspond to specific organs or body systems. In Thai massage, there are 14,000 sen lines that promote over all wellness but do not have as specific a correlation. There are also two types of Thai massage styles – northern and southern. In northern Thai massage, a therapist emphasizes more on the stretching component, while the southern style is deeper and focuses more on the acupressure component.

Shiatsu, originating in Japan, is often considered to be very similar to Thai massage, but with more stretching involved. In this modality, the therapist uses finger, thumb and palm pressure to stimulate the acupressure channels of the arms and legs. The therapist can also detect disharmonies in the energetic components of the body, which can be presented as stiffness or slackness within the body. The therapist can determine the most appropriate routine to perform and correct a person's disharmony.

Originating in India, Ayruvedic treatments and medicine encompass all aspects of a person lifestyle, from diet, to exercise, to sleep patterns. This way of life aids spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health. Ayruvedic spa treatments are just one component used in Ayruvedic medicine to help balance a person's lifestyle. The emphases for these treatments involve the type of oil used. These oils are chosen to help balance out a person’s constitution, known as a dosha.  Different herbs and oils help to balance out these dosha leading to improved health. Treatments often stimulate and balance out the marma points of the body, which are considered by many to be the precursor to acupressure points and meridians found in traditional Chinese medicine. Most people are familiar with the marma points known as chakras. It is believed that most healing art's (both western and eastern) roots can be traced back to Ayruvedic medicine.

Many of the treatments are similar, but usually have a unique treatment component. I recommend that you choose the treatment that sounds the most appealing to you and keep in tune with your feelings after the treatment. We hope you will try a new modality during your next LakeHouse Spa visit.