The Gift of an Hour

Sharon Rekieta, Fitness and Wellness Director - 4th November 2013

Time Change = the Gift of an Hour

We turned our clocks back one hour last weekend and while knowing that most do not like the switch due to losing the after-work daylight, I personally feel that it is nice to be aligned with Mother Nature and the true timetable of the sun.  And, there is a recently discovered physiological advantage--most people sleep better once we return to the standard time--so look forward to the beginning of more restful slumber Saturday.

But now to the true benefit--the gift of an hour!
What will you do with that extra time?

Is your life jam-packed and over-scheduled?  How about practicing the art of self-care by sleeping in an extra hour?

Did you download one of the recent best sellers thinking you would savor a good read?  Then get cozy in your favorite chair with a glass of wine or a cup of hot tea and enjoy your literary selection.

Have you missed long conversations with your best friend?  Catch-up by phone, meet for a leisurely brunch or make a “walk and talk” date.

The possibilities are endless and the hour belongs to you!

Perhaps dedicating this one hour to a personal pleasure will lead to a very special, beneficial and ongoing habit.