The Joy of Journaling

Tracy York, General Manager - 17th September 2013

Several months ago I was visiting with a frequent guest about journaling.  She offered to share a recent journal entry about Lake Austin Spa Resort.  What a compliment to know that Lake Austin Spa Resort brings some peace and comfort to her daily routine.  I asked if she were willing to share her post and we are grateful she agreed.  Thank you Jackie! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

I penned this while attending The Joy of Journaling:
Long day at work and I’m headed to Lake Austin Spa Resort  three hours later than I had planned. Oh this road to heaven is so familiar and I can’t wait to get there. Soon these subdivisions will pass away as darkness has begun to  fall.

The road winds and my excitement builds as I round the curve and begin my slight descent towards my encounter with the gates just to the left. I ease the car up to the call box. “It’s Jackie to check in”, I say. The voice on the other end, sounds so gracious  as if they have been anticipating my arrival and are so glad I made it.

Soon these big iron gates begin to slowly part like the red sea – and I venture forth. It’s now night and the cars are all parked, all set for their night’s slumber. I ease my car into formation behind another so as to not disturb.

The air is crisp and the glow of lights from rooms filled with guests surround this place. By now, those  gates of comfort and protection have returned to their closed position and I am safe and temporarily alone inside their harbor. The world that I have known up to this point is on the outside of them and I am free to just be with no demands or expectations. I am just “Jackie” for seven days, just as surely as my bright yellow water bottle will display.

My heart quickens as I walk towards the main building that has welcomed me in the past, excited to be here and wondering what is in store for me this time. What room will I be assigned and who will I meet this week? All to be revealed in due time. I arrive at the door and the sound of it opening is so familiar. Light and familiar smells of welcome flood the inside of the space as I step through the threshold ready to begin my adventure.