The Yamaguchi Way

Billy Yamaguchi for Lake Austin Spa Resort - 30th May 2012

Summertime, the hot fun in the sun time, is dominated by Fire energy. It's the season for freedom, outdoor fun, adventure, friends, simple eating and a relaxation of the more-rigid rules of fashion. Fire energy represents expressiveness, creativity, a thirst for adventure and is balanced by Water energy, which represents calmness, fluidity and a more contemplative approach to life.

Like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, summer teases us into shedding the confinement of our cooler weather clothing, our structured Metal energy classic hairstyles and the restrictions of indoor living. We're tempted to ignore the clock and to escape the lazy pleasures of the beach and pool. All of us remember the thrill of the last day of school or the day before vacation begins; we could barely wait to explore and celebrate our freedom.

Let me share a few tips on how to feel wonderful, look fantastic and build lasting memories. Let's start with what feeds your body and, in turn, nourishes your hair, skin and nails. Your summer diet should shift to balance the heat of summer. Fire energy is balanced by Water energy so light, cool and refreshing food will satisfy you without weighing you down. Leave comfort foods for the cooler months and hydrate and cool your body with salads. Get creative and express yourself with new additions to your greens. Eat plenty of water foods: melons, cucumbers, strawberries and fruits. Consider serving your soup cold in a colorful bowl and eating it outside while listening to nature's song. Above all else, remember to drink plenty of water, which will hydrate your skin and hair.

Now let's turn to your summer look. For a fresh summer fashion color, try lime green which compliments most skin tones whether on nails or clothing. Liberate your hair by adopting a change. Consider a shorter cut, blend in sun-kissed streaks or whatever twist suits your fancy. Summertime is a time for expression. Explore Fire energy styles and techniques: bold, creative cuts and colors, or using Yamaguchi styling products to add volume or movement. For longer locks, wear a high ponytail if you feel flirty or sporty or a low ponytail for a sassy look. For a summer evening with friends, pull your hair back in a low bun, let it flow with light waves, or wear it in a loose braid for a casual dressy look.

Protect your hair from the sun, wind and water by spraying Yamaguchi Silk Leave-in Conditioner on your hair before going swimming for protection and afterwards for de-tangling. Silk adds moisture while adding protection and is a must for curly hair. A weekly Yamaguchi Bamboo Deep Conditioning Masque assures shiny, healthy hair through all your summer fun.

Sunscreen should be your final step for your face, neck and hands before leaving the house.  Let your skin breath by wearing lighter makeup and pretty pinks or corals for a touch of color on your lips.

Billy Yamaguchi salon services have been named editors' choice by fashion and beauty magazines. We invite you to check the calendar of events for Billy's dates and schedule your appointment for the Yamaguchi experience at Lake Austin Spa Resort.