Think RED

Sharon Rekieta, Fitness and Wellness Director - 24th February 2014

When thinking of foods to eat to improve the health of your heart—think red!

Red peppers protect blood vessels, prevent clots from forming, and reduce cholesterol

Pomegranates help reduce the buildup of plaque in the arteries

Red kidney beans contain fiber that keeps the flood and digestive track flowing and helps lower blood pressure

Tomatoes protect all types of cells in the body, help reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure

Strawberries reduce inflammation and lower LDL (lousy) cholesterol that can potentially damage your arteries

Beets stabilize the walls of the arteries and regulate blood pressure.

Apples help prevent heart disease with a soluble fiber and antioxidants including vitamin C

Red cabbage keeps cholesterol levels low and protects against heart disease and cancer

Add many or all of the above to your daily diet to help your body ward off heart disease!