This Is Where I Am Today, But I Am Not Staying Long

Tracy York, General Manager - 26th March 2013

A good friend of mine made this comment to me recently and it hit me between the eyes!  This is where I am today, but I am not staying long.  Powerful words!  In her case, she is in a battle with breast cancer that is treatable and curable.  Still absolutely no fun, but she knows that if she keeps her mind moving forward, staying positive, she will not only survive, but thrive.  When she said this to me, it hit me for a lot of different reasons.  While I am thankful I am not in a battle with an insidious disease like breast cancer, I do find myself getting stuck at times. 

Her statement said to me that while this is where she finds herself now, SHE HAS THE POWER to keep moving herself forward and SO DO I (and oh, SO DO YOU)!.  So I will take her lead (feel free to join me), keep my mind in a happy and positive place and look to the future for the great things that life has to offer.   This will involve the skill of ‘letting go’, which I must admit, I am not good at and it will involve not over-thinking issues – which I am really not good at, but I will try.

The next time my life has me stuck in a rut or dealing something that isn’t pleasant, I resolve to stay positive and keep my mind focused while I pack a bag because I am not staying there long!

Be well,