Top 10 Ways to Stay Healthy at Your Desk

Sharon Rekieta, Fitness and Wellness Director - 18th July 2014

1.  MOVE:  Active Sitting--sit on a Stability Ball instead of an office chair.  You’ll move without even thinking about it and your muscles will stay more engaged.

2.  Take opportunities to walk around--at least once an hour, instead of calling or e-mailing a coworker, walk to the person’s office to personally deliver the message

3.  Need a restroom break?  Walk up a couple of flights of stairs to use the restroom on another floor or choose the one that is furthest from your office.

4.  Keep a pair of walking or workout shoes under your desk.  They might remind you to take a walk at lunch or at least take a walk to pick up your lunch.

5.  EAT HEALTHY: Looking for a snack to tide you over until lunch?  Beware of the high-fat, low-nutritional content of vending machine items!  Instead, plan ahead.  Keep healthful snacks handy such as microwaveable bags of popcorn, whole-wheat crackers, almond butter, and fresh fruit.

6.  Too busy to leave your desk and your body needs more than a snack?  Power bars are a great option and many can serve as a meal replacement.  Select those with a good blend of protein, carbohydrates and with a low fat content.  A few of my favorites: Pure Protein, Power Bar and Grab the Gold.  All are nutritious and delicious.

7.  HYDRATE: Sometimes thirst can be mistaken as hunger.  Fill a 32-ounce bottle with water, keep it on your desk, sip frequently and make sure it is empty at the end of the day.  When the weather is chilly—hot drinks can satisfy.  Brew soothing cups of herbal tea or hot chocolate.  Remember that caffeine has its benefits; however, one to two cups a day is enough.   

8.  STRETCH: “Open your heart” several times a day. To counteract the closed-in position maintained while talking on the phone or typing at your computer, tilt your head back slightly while bringing your arms behind your waist to open and stretch the neck, chest and shoulders. 

9.  REFRESH: If your job requires staring at a computer screen, turn away periodically from the computer to give your eyes a much-needed break.

10. Take a few minutes to meditate, read a few jokes, phone a friend (don’t talk about work), listen to a couple of your favorite songs, daydream about your favorite vacation spot.  The objective is to briefly disconnect from the job at hand.  You’ll boost creativity, increase productivity, reduce stress and soothe your soul.