What Can Walking Do For You?

Sharon Rekieta, Fitness and Wellness Director - 12th April 2013

Walking is sometimes considered the “Rodney Dangerfield” of exercise—it just doesn’t get the respect it deserves.  In reality, walking 30-minutes a day for 30 days can significantly improve your life in a variety of ways.

You’ll improve your overall fitness: aerobic capacity and physical function will increase making activity throughout your day seem easier.

You’ll lose weight and increase lean muscle tissue: walking burns calories, reduces fat storage and tones many muscles.

You’ll save on medical expenses: many find that they are able to decrease their medications or eliminate them entirely.  In addition, those who walk regularly make fewer visits to their physician than those who are sedentary.

You’ll strengthen your heart: improving your cardiovascular health will decrease your risk of dying from heart disease or stroke.

You’ll boost your immune system and lower your risk for many diseases and cancers: and, if you do catch a cold, accidentally cut your skin or succumb to what’s going around, your stronger immune system will lead you to a speedy recovery.

You’ll train your brain: physical activity stimulates mental activity that will sharpen your focus, memory, decision-making skills and problem solving abilities.

So if you’re not a walker and you need convincing why you should be or if you are a walker and you’re wondering if walking is worth your time and trouble, remind yourself of the above benefits and get moving!