What Could Recharge Your Batteries At A Resort In Austin?

Site Administrator - 10th June 2014

Last week a guest told me she was glad she came to a resort in Austin to “recharge her batteries,” and without a moment’s hesitation she turned to me and asked: what do you do to recharge your batteries? Her question hit me right between the eyes. I stood there hesitating thinking about my response, when she told me I better figure it out and put it on my calendar. Maybe a Texas getaway is what I would need, or doing other activities in Austin. I think that was probably the best health advice anyone has given me in a long time.  She is so right!  So I turn and ask you the very same questions:

1. How do you recharge your batteries? Try a girlfriend getaway or mother daughter getaway at Lake Austin Spa Resort for a change.

2. When, exactly, are you going to do the activity that recharges your batteries? Put it on your calendar!

With this guest’s questions in mind, I thought about what recharges my batteries and makes me a better partner, friend, sister, employer, employee, daughter, etc… It seems we work so hard to be there for everyone else, that if we don’t take care of ourselves once in a while, there won’t be anything left to give. Consider coming to a resort in Austin! I know that I share this wonderful trait with most women who give everything they have to everyone else while rarely taking a moment for themselves. So today I urge you to make a list of stress relief activities that recharge your batteries. Set a date and plan a girlfriend getaway or a mother daughter getaway. The list could include a walk in the park, time to lounge and read a book, shopping, a visit with a dear friend you never see often enough, going to a getaway spa, lunch out with the girls, ice cream with the kids and of course, planning your next trip to Lake Austin Spa Resort – whatever it is that brings you joy. With the list in hand (now here is the hard part) – put at least one item from the on your calendar every week starting this week! I would love for you to share your list with me and the other blog readers – we can all use some new ideas! I will start with my list below and can’t wait to read yours.

Things that RECHARGE my batteries:

1. A round of golf     

2. A walk with the puppies     

3. A great workout    

4. Going to the movies     

5. Letting someone else clean my house! 

6. A massage, facial or pedicure.

7. Sitting by the water

 8. Laughing – anywhere, anytime!

9. Wasting Time!

10. Visiting with friends

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