What Kids Can Teach Us About Improving Self Confidence

superadmin - 20th August 2014

Kids can teach us adults many things, but by simply observing them you can learn a few things about improving self confidence as well. I had the wonderful pleasure of attending a birthday dinner for a 10-year-old last week. Not having any children of my own, I must say this is not a regular occurrence for me.  I absolutely loved it. Great company, wonderful people, amazing kids and a decent meal – I certainly cannot complain. But that is not what made the night memorable in my mind.  You see this very special 10-year-old has a very special 6-year-old sister.


Dance Like No One Is Watching

As we enjoyed visiting with the adults, the kids received permission to excuse themselves from the dinner table. As we visited, I watched this amazing 6 year old little girl go outside and play.  She sang as loud as she wanted, danced all around the playground, laughed easily with other kids and really had fun.  The thing that struck me is how she had enough self-esteem to not a care what someone else might think or say. We all know kids and adults can say hurtful things. Is she the best singer out there? No. Is she ready to dance on Broadway? No.  But none of that mattered.  She is a free, confident spirit with a love of life I found completely refreshing and delightful. To be honest, I was envious. I would never be able to sing or dance in front of others – I am just too self-conscious.  She really had an impact on me!


What I Learned About Self Confidence

I am trying to learn from her example and do things that are just plain fun and I encourage you to do the same.  When was the last time you took time from your hectic schedule to play? And play like you mean it – laugh, dance, sing, or have fun with your friends in whatever form that takes – a golf game, a walk and conversation with a good friend, or best yet, playing on the playground with a bunch of kids. Try it sometime and really watch how you improve your self confidence – they have a lot to teach us about being happy!

Take Special Care,