Your Perfect Day At Lake Austin Resort

Site Administrator - 5th June 2014

If time, money, or responsibilities were of no consequence at Lake Austin Resort, what would constitute your perfect day? As I was driving back to Lake Austin Resort, I was listening to a CD from a group called Lady Antebellum. They have a song that talks about your perfect day. They point out that when you are having your perfect day, all the normal responsibilities in life just never enter your mind because you are living in the moment of your perfect day. Granted, it had been a long drive, but it got me thinking about what my perfect day would include: who I would like to spend it with, what I would like to be doing (or not doing), where I would like to be, what time of year it would be etc. Maybe in a Texas getaway because who can’t use a girlfriend getaway? Then I got a bit mad at myself and realized, that I could do this any time why had I not done it? So I thought I would ask you the very same question. What is your perfect day and why haven’t you done it already? Whether it’s a girlfriend getaway or a mother daughter getaway, set your mind to it and start planning.

My perfect day would certainly include friends and family, it would most certainly include a sunny day in the spring or fall and of course, a golf course at some point. It would include some good food, good laughs, some outdoor activity and great people. There are so many activities in Austin and so many people can benefit from the stress relief activities offered at the spa at Lake Austin that you simply have no excuse to have a perfect day any day. 

Go to our website to learn more about Lake Austin Spa Resort and how you can book a girlfriend getaway or a mother daughter getaway for a perfect day! Call us at 512-372-7300 to make reservations or if you have any additional questions.