Our goal is to help you discover, or express, your own unique personality and to help you achieve your individual health and fitness goals during your retreat at our wellness spa resort. As well as have a little fun! The innovative programs focuses on creating a healthy, active and enjoyable lifestyle.

Imagine cycling to the power of live drumming, starting your day with a yoga class on our lakeside yoga dock, getting cardio in with our new hoop dance or learning how to hydrobike on Lake Austin, these are just a few exciting and health-inspiring fitness options we offer. All fitness classes are included in our resort all-inclusive packages. View our detailed weekly schedules.

  • Movement | Trending Fitness | Power | Energizing Classes

    Balance Ball

    Balance improves sport, functionality and reduces risk of injury. This class uses an exercise ball to focus on balance, coordination, functional strength and cardio. Tap into dozens of performance muscles that work together to conduct daily tasks.

    Barre “None” | Lengthen and Strengthen

    Perform elegant warm-up and strengthening components of yoga, Pilates and ballet, without the bar! After Barre “None,” you will leave with a better understanding as to why a ballet dancer has such long, lean muscles!

    Barbell Strength

    This class renews the excitement of old school weightlifting. Hit every muscle group as you utilize light to moderate weights for high rep supersets to increase muscular strength and endurance.

    Beach Ready Body Blitz

    Looking for that full body strength and conditioning for spring and summer? Get ready for shorts and tanks in this head to toe workout, which uses everything from gym equipment to bodyweight!

    Bodyweight Conditioning Circuit

    Skip the workout gear and feel the power and empowerment of using your own bodyweight. Get up, get down, jump, stand and move, all in the name of developing strength and mobility!

    Bollywood Dance | Upbeat Cardio

    Informal and fun, Bollywood dance delivers the flavors of different Indian dance styles of Bombay. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, this is a fun way to explore and enjoy the cultural and global experience of movement!

    BEAMing® | Balance, Engage, Align, Move

    Your body will stand up and take note in this class! Focus on body awareness and alignment through utilizing a soft 6’ wide “balance beam” that sits at a height of approximately two inches off the ground. Through lateral movement and core engagement, awaken the body with stability, mobility and flexibility. It will leave you BEAMing!

    Boot Camp By The Lake

    Anything goes in this fun and challenging outdoor class! Like its military roots, this class is designed to challenge your mind and body as you enjoy teamwork and camaraderie! (if weather does not allow, class will be moved indoors).

    Bosu Ball Workout

    This workout uses the BOSU (Both Sides Up) Ball and the Stability Ball in a circuit format. The class is self-paced and includes cardio, balance, functional and core movements and sport specific training techniques.

    BRICKS | Bike & Run/Walk

    Touted as one of the most important triathlon training sessions for a reason – transitioning from bike to run/walk or run/walk to bike teaches your legs to perform through fatigue. A great way to mix it up or train for your next event! When combined with our Lap It Up class, you get a full back to back bike/run/ swim 90 minute class!

    Bosu Ball | Balance 101

    Work on balance and posture that brings a lifetime of form and function to all you do. Whether injury, age or a lack of muscles and nerves responding and activating together, we’ll assist you in finding areas that may be causing poor performance to activities or life’s more basic moves.

    Cardio Burn 3, 2, 1

    An all-level, interval class designed to rev up the heart rate, burn maximum calories and improve your endurance through heart rate zones. You’ll pick your favorite cardio machine and workout at your own pace, guided by an instructor.

    Combat Cardio

    Learn kickboxing, self-defense techniques, martial and combat arts in this powerful class that uses body weight and boxing equipment.

    Core Cardio Workout

    Spend a portion of your time heart rate training and the other half strengthening your core. The perfect combo for focusing on abdominals and glutes.

    Cut To The Core Training

    Learn various ways to work all dimensions from the inside out with this class to build strong, multi-functional core strength.

    Feldenkrais® Roller | Soft Touch Foam

    First introduced as a form of self-myofascial, foam rollers are now highly utilized by professional athletes, coaches and therapists alike. They are a powerful tool in healing and recovery because the user can feel exact trigger points and locations that need “breaking up,” which tenderizes and relaxes tissues to their original “baby softness.”

    Cycle | A Lone Star State of Mind

    Your state of mind will be put to the test with this calorie torching, fat burning group cycle class. Our Texas inspired ride includes hill climbs, sprints and interval training as you virtually travel the state and its diverse landscapes.


    Not your ordinary “bored” game, this fun game of fitness and movement takes all the strategies of Monopoly® and lets players Jenga jump, Boggle Ball, Candy Dance, Scatter Step and more!

    Feldenkrais® Method

    Activate your body, elongate and create mindful movement patterns to awaken your body in alignment, form and function. The Feldenkrais Method® brings awareness to the sequence of your movement patterns in order to decrease effort and improve the quality of movement, injury prevention, mobility, strength and flexibility.

    Foam Roller | Self Massage

    Foam rolling, or self-myofascial release, is a textbook term for self-massage that you can take anywhere! Utilizing a foam roller, we will coach you through techniques to apply deep compression to muscles and tissues, directing blood flow for healing and recovery.

    Fitness Flashback 80’s | Cardio & Posture

    You don’t need leg warmers and Freestyle Reeboks for this class, but it may leave you remembering them! We apply movement and posture awareness to a workout using step benches, body weight and free weights for this fun, easy-to-follow class with hits from the 80’s.

    Functional Training | Form in Movement

    The key to functional training is muscle integration and conditioning so all of the muscles can work together rather than isolating them to work independently. By training specific chains of muscles integrated with key movements, we begin to function with power and grace in our daily lives.

    Gentle Restorative Stretch

    Melt into comfortable positions with props such as bolsters, blankets and pillows. Spending several minutes in each position will allow a soothing stretch and calming relaxation.

    Hard Core ABS

    A concentrated and challenging core workout that fully engages all participants from the inside out. Up the level of your core training as we help you contract a deeper way of working your core utilizing equipment and bodyweight.

    Kardio KickBoxing

    Kick and punch your way to improved fitness by combining karate, Taekwondo and Western boxing. We’ll add calisthenics and drills for a great upper and lower body workout. This is a very active, energetic class that not only increases cardio and muscular endurance, but is also a great stress buster!

    Gliding into Fitness

    Experience a unique method of strengthening the muscles—using discs under the hands and feet to provide resistance and a different feel to traditional movements such as squats, lunges and push-ups. It’s challenging, but will free you up from the traditional movement of lifting and stepping.

    Hoop Fitness®

    Step outside the box and into the ring of custom-made and weighted hula-hoop. You’ll learn to spin a hoop in less than 5 minutes and then enjoy a throwback to the crazy fun and fond memories of childhood movement. You won’t even realize you have the potential to burn up to a whopping 600 calories/hour!

    H.I.I.T.S. Fat Burning Intervals

    High Intensity Interval Training Sets. A self-paced, cardio and strength training workout alternating between cardio, bodyweight and weight training segments to keep your heart rate up and the boredom factor down.

    Kettlebell Circuit

    Kettlebells are historically one of the oldest forms of equipment utilized for strength and athletic development. Dating back to Ancient Greece, these iron pods are known as one of the biggest calorie scorchers in the gym, up to 20 calories per minute! They force us to master a continually changing center of gravity, improved grip strength, and increased power output.

    Lakeside Walk or Jog

    Get that blood flowing with a beautiful lakeside walk or jog with one of our Activity Staff Members. They will fill you in on the day’s activities, answer questions about our classes and programs and help you prepare your body to stretch and flex.


    With therapeutic balls and foam rollers, we’ll roll, trigger and breathe our muscles into a more released and relaxed state. A great skill to know for self-releases at home or while traveling.


    Meditative Garden Walk

    A very grounding and sensory start to your day as you look, listen, feel and hear your way through conscious movement. Start your day by centering from the inside out as you warm up, increase circulation and prepare to move to a deeper level.

    Nia® | Dance & Martial Arts Movement

    Nia® is the art of movement, the body’s way. It's a cardio-dance workout and a movement practice that tones your mind and tunes your body. Nia® is usually practiced barefoot, is non-impact and adaptable to individual needs and abilities.

    Moon Hoops

    Get your hula on under the stars with these amazing glow in the dark hula-hoops. You’ll be mesmerized by movement as you spin your way to the beat.


    H.I.I.T the beat with weighted drums sticks and interval sets as you move your feet to the music. Have fun and find your fitness fix in this rhythmic cardio class. Pilates, isometric moves and plyometrics are fused for a strength building, calorie torching workout.

    Stroll & Stretch

    Stroll the gardens and lakeside trail as you take in the fresh air and amazing views with our Activities Staff. As you begin to wake up, they will take to one of our docks for some guided stretches that best help you with beginning your day.

    Rise & Shine Stretch

    The best stretch of the day is the morning stretch. Rise and shine and join us as we stretch head to toe to start your day.

    R.I.P.P.E.D. ®

    Known as “The One Stop Body Shock” each component of this workout provides a uniquely different emphasis to your body. Utilizing free weights, resistance, plyometrics and body weight, this fast paced, challenging and effective total body interval workout is a huge power, endurance and cardio hit!

    Somatics | Stretch and Release

    Feeling a bit stiff, sore and uncomfortable in your body? Somatics will improve the way your muscles move, lengthening and correcting dysfunctional posture patterns while releasing muscle tension. Careful, you may leave class taller than when you arrived!


    Surf Appeal | Lower Body Burn

    This workout focuses on great summer legs improving strength, performance, balance and appeal! Enjoy combining surf, body weight and weight equipment moves into a burning workout!

    Tri-FUN-athon | Aqua, Cardio, Walk/Jog

    Put together the concept of triathlon in this fun 90 minute workout. Hit the pool for a swim then move to our training room for cardio intervals, then move outdoors lakeside for a run or walk. This class can be done at any level or intensity, all you need to be able to do is a basic swim stroke, be able to kick consistently with the kick board or water jog for swim, and “tri” your best at the rest!

    Simply Strength

    As one of the most important components of a healthy body, strength training benefits your heart, improves balance, maximizes metabolic increase, strengthens bones and helps manage body composition. In this class, you will utilize bands, hand weights, kettlebells, body weight and barbells.

    Upper Body Blast

    Focus on upper body strength using weights, equipment and body weight.

    TRX and BOSU Challenge

    Developed through the Navy Seals, TRX Suspension Training utilizes bodyweight exercises to develop balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Combine that with the BOSU Ball for a better fusion of functional movements.

    ZUMBA Dance®

    Get Zumba® happy in this energetic, hip-shaking, Latin dance class. Dancing takes the "work" out of workout by mixing low and high-intensity moves for a jamming fitness session!

  • Mind Body | Yoga

    Good Morning Yoga

    A gentle flow yoga to awaken your mind and body while prepping for the day.

    Ashtanga Power Yoga

    This vigorous and challenging lineage of Hatha yoga is based on several sequences of postures. Ashtanga develops strength, flexibility and realignment of the body that leads to a feeling of inner peace and a natural state of meditation and relaxation.

    Glow Yoga Flow

    The iridescence of the black light combined with slow, intentional movement and rich beats provide a unique atmosphere to unwind, flow through and be totally in your own element.

    Hatha Yoga Sculpt

    This yoga class includes a series of strength poses, positions and movements for a longer, leaner and more powerful body.

    Iyengar Yoga

    A yoga practice of over 200 classical Asanas and 14 different variations of Pranayamas, which range from simple to incredibly difficult. The focus is on the physical alignment of the body in specific poses that were once created in the body and reflected in the mind.

    Lakeview Tai Chi

    Experience this Eastern martial arts introductory practice that connects the mind to the slow, gentle movements designed to enhance balance, stability, standing strength and inner calmness. Originally developed for self-defense, Tai Chi has evolved into a graceful form of mindful exercise used to calm the mind and strengthen the body.

    PiYo | Fat Burning Yoga

    Discover fast paced, core firming, strength building and flexibility in this training activity. Yoga and Pilates moves and postures will flow in a structured and exciting sequence designed to lengthen and strengthen the muscles while enhancing balance and stability.

    Rise and Shine Yoga

    Your smile will rise and your heart will shine with gentle, traditional yoga moves that connect your entire body consciousness. Your day will begin more centered and grounded as you experience a greater connection to yourself, your environment and others.

    Restorative Yoga

    Tranquil, soothing and simple yoga postures that use props to allow you to hold poses longer and passively stretch. Yoga is a proven tool for structural, hormonal and neurological balance that can have a lifetime of benefit if integrated as a weekly habit.

    Tibetan Yoga

    Considered the “fountain of youth” yoga flow that dates back more than 2,500 years, this form of yoga has been touted as aiding lamas to live a vigorous, long, healthy life. This 20 minute yoga flow is a great take home skill that can bring physical relief and mental clarity.

    Sun Salutations

    Per Hindu mythology, the sun god is a symbol of health and immortality. Traditionally performed at dawn facing the rising sun, Sun Salutations are a graceful sequence of positions, stretching the body while focusing on breath. Practiced daily it can bring great flexibility to your spine and joints.

    Vinyasa Yoga Flow

    Meaning "breath-synchronized movement," Vinyasa yoga is a series of challenging poses that will move you through the sequence of inhaling and exhaling with the power and deep positioning.

    Strum | Yin Yoga with Live Classical Guitar

    Flow to the soothing beat of classical guitar while spending up to three minutes in each position for a deep, releasing stretch. Many positions will include props for comfort and support.

    Yin Yoga | Deep Stretch

    Rest, restore, relax and melt into simple yoga postures designed to allow comfortable stretching. Spending up to three minutes in each position allows a deep stretch within the muscles and the soothing music will enhance your relaxation. Many positions will include props for comfort and support.

    Wake Up Happy Yoga

    Flow into your day peacefully and gently with a soothing yoga that will leave your mind and body smiling.

    Yoga for Every Body

    Every “body” can use a daily dose of yoga! Get back to the basics of what yoga really is by simply combining breath and movement to increase strength, balance and flexibility. Studies say it can also reduce blood pressure.

  • Breathe and Meditation | R&R: Reflections and Recovery

    Austintatious | Musical Meditation

    Even the Live Music Capitol of the World turns it down a notch when the sun is setting. In this soulful live music experience, our local musician and meditation expert will strum and guide you on a meditative journey that will engage the heart and stir the consciousness to a deeper level of peace.

    Breath-Focused Meditation

    Breathing can be your best friend or worst foe. When used against you, it can raise anxiety and stress, but when utilized to your benefit, breathing can be the quickest way to relax and overcome stress. Learn breathing techniques for relaxation, stress reduction, overcoming anxiety, improved sleep and creativity and increased self-awareness.

    Candlelight Meditation

    This type of meditation is quite easy, making it comfortable to let go of thoughts instead of concentrating on a physical “thing.” Utilizing candlelight is a fantastic way to improve your concentration skills and can lead to a profoundly deep state of peaceful relaxation.

    Heart Meditation

    A calming practice centered on feeling rather than an engaged brain activity like mantra, breath or visualization techniques. This class will leave you grateful and at peace from the inside out.

    Mantra Meditation

    This form of meditation focuses on repeating a word or phrase and using sound to bring inner awareness and a calmer state of mind. Learn some common mantras to take home and use them to initiate sleep and relaxation.

    Meditation to Find Clarity

    Meditation can enhance your potential by focusing your energy so wholeness and clarity can emerge. Spending a few moments to create a quiet and still space brings greater awareness to your sensing, feeling, intention and action.

    Mindfulness Meditation

    Vipassanna, or focused meditation, brings awareness of your surroundings and focuses thoughts and emotions on the present. It teaches you to be unconditionally in the moment regardless of what is going on around you.

    Guided Meditation

    Take a healing journey to quiet the mind, still the body and soothe the soul as you are led to a truly relaxed state of both mind and body.

    Progressive Relaxation

    Progressive relaxation is a technique of systematically tensing and releasing muscles to create whole body relaxation. By consciously letting go of tension and creating an environment which is peaceful and quiet, your body will go from an activated mode to a deactivated state.

    Nidra Meditation

    End your day on a peaceful, complete note. Enjoy deep relaxation, visualization, body scanning and other techniques guaranteed to leave you feeling calm and rested.

  • Ripple Effect | Lake Fit Classes

    Blue Heron Nesting Grounds | Paddle or Pedal & Picnic

    Kayak or Hydrobike with us to the spectacular Pecan Groves where the blue herons nest locally. Explore the shoreline, keep your eyes open for herons and other abundant wildlife and enjoy a lovely lakeside picnic. (Private group excursion fees apply.)

    Kayak Scavenger Hunt

    In this fun kayak paddle outing, you and your group will be given a series of clues to find via water. Find as many as possible in the time allotted and your team wins! (Private group excursion fees apply.)

    Play-aking 101

    A favorite outing for those who want to explore nature and the peaceful shores of Lake Austin while playing on the lake! “Play” in your kayak all in the name of skill building while learning to turn, reverse, circle and leap frog your way to fun.

    SUP 101

    One of the trendiest, hottest sports to hit the ocean and flat waterways! Learn the basics of stand up paddle boarding including paddle grip and direction, board basics, safety and turning. You’ll be walking on water in no time!

    KIPS | Kayak Interval Paddle Sets

    Based on tabatas, these high intensity interval sets take your workout to the lake and in our kayaks! A super fun, high energy and unique way to connect with nature and to work out.

    Lake Pointe Canyon | Paddle & Hike

    This combo outing gives you the best of both outdoor worlds with paddle and hike time! We will do interval paddle sets for a cardio push half a mile to the trailhead. Then we will hit the trails for a hike and return for a cool down kayak paddle home.

    SUP Grande Group Outing

    This large inflatable SUP (stand up paddleboard) is a blast for you and a few of your close, or new, friends! Fitting 4 - 8 people astride its large inflatable deck, it is a lake workout with lots of laughs and teamwork for a group excursion or extraordinary team building activity. (Private group excursion fees apply.)

    SUP Flow | Paddleboard Yoga

    After a nice paddle warm up, you will begin a series of yoga flow moves on the board, stopping, relaxing and breathing your way to improved balance, comfort and flexibility on the board.

    SUP Fit

    Take the high energy and fun factor of boot camp to the SUP! Stand, sit, push and move your way around your board for improved strength, balance and cardio fitness!

    SUPstance | Board Balance

    Use the stand up paddleboard to work on balance, mobility and flexibility. You will find yourself navigating your board with more control and agility after learning to move around repeatedly on the deck of your board.

    H.I.I.T. The Lake! | Walk/Jog, Hydrobike Intervals

    Our lakeside duathlon of sorts! We’ll do 20’ of interval trek (walk or run) on our lakeside trail and then hit the lake for 20’ hydrobike intervals on the water. The perfect duo!

    Turkey Grove Pedal

    Ride off on water bikes to the local turkey groves. On your way, you will do some fun sets in the name of fitness to push cardio strength.

  • Ripple Effect | Aqua Fit

    Aqua Boot Camp

    We take drills and exercises to the water in this fun, fast-paced class for improved strength and cardio.

    Aqua Power Play

    Work and play with the power of water and feel the return as you hit cardio, strength and core.

    Aqua Jogging

    Like walking on the moon but with a little more resistance! Form and function come into play with gait and stride in this great cardio workout.

    Aqua | Fluid Motion

    Improve your range of motion, joint mobility, balance and stability for improved function and quality of life. Taught in our Pool Barn, you will immediately feel the healing effects of the warm waters.

    Aqua Stretch

    The warm, therapeutic effects of our heated pool will help you release and stretch tired, tight muscles. You will be guided gently and soothingly to a released and relaxed state.

    Aqua Tabata Intervals

    Known for torching fat and improving cardio capacity, tabatas are quick four minute high intensity sets that can be done with any activity. Our Aqua Tabata class combines water resistance to strength and cardio training for a quick, but work at your own pace class.

    Aqua ZUMBA

    Known as the “ZUMBA pool party,” you’ll make a splash in this low-impact, high energy, Latin inspired aqua cardio dance class. Don’t worry if you are not a dancer, the beauty of the pool is everything happens under water!

    Aqua to the Core

    The core component of this class is the use of water and you! Move and twist with, and against, the flow to strengthen, stabilize and improve flexibility of your waistline, front and back.

    Drift Away | Water Meditation

    Water is known for its healing powers for the mind and body. Using floating meditation mats in our beautiful Pool Barn, you will feel the stresses from daily life release as you drift away mentally and physically.

    Above Water Meditation

    This meditative dock time is designed to reduce and release pressure that only a trickling lake and the peaceful sounds of nature can provide. Guided by our Mind Body staff to relax and restore, enjoy a natural journey on our pier above peaceful waters.

    Lap It Up | Water Fitness Class or Triathlon 101 Part II

    Join us for a fun swim, kick or water jogging workout or make this Part II of a bike/run/swim when offered back to back with our Bricks class.

    H2O H.I.I.T.S

    This high energy class in the pool is a hit of high intensity interval training sets , taking heart rate and strength to the max.

    Water Works

    The harder you work the water, the more you work your body in this shoulder to toe workout of cardio, strength and stretch.

    Swim Stroke & Kick

    This class in our lap Pool Barn uses the length of the pool for structured kick and/or stroke sets of choice. Our instructor will have a workout for you to focus on cardio and swim.

  • Ripple Effect | Lake Life Activities

    Cruise & Dip

    On this outing, split your time between cruising and dipping into the refreshing waters of Lake Austin. Our captains will take you to the headwaters of Lake Austin, toss you a noodle and let you float beneath the towering limestone cliffs. Dipping is optional, but relaxing is mandatory! (Life jackets mandatory for dipping)

    Hydro Biking

    With a similar single gear ratio as commuter bikes, enjoy navigating Lake Austin at your own speed, exploring and sightseeing along the way. Hydrobikes are like road bikes in that you provide the pedal power, but they are more stable and typically more comfortable.


    Lake Austin is the perfect rowing lake, with 21 miles of meandering river to take at your leisure or get a heart pounding rowing workout. If you need a lesson schedule a private session to work on your skills. Once mastered, the boats are yours to use during dock hours. (Private session fee applies if intro lesson needed)

    Stand Up Paddleboarding | SUP

    One of the country’s biggest water crazes and you have unlimited access! If you need a lesson, sign up for a private session then feel free to utilize our paddleboards anytime during our dock hours. (Private session fee applies if intro lesson needed)

    Boat Cruises & Charters

    Our Lake Austin tour will let you catch a glimpse of multi-million dollar waterfront homes, nature land preserves, limestone cliffs, natural bird habitats and picturesque shores. Sit back and relax, our captains will share the rich history and interesting tidbits of local culture. A daily cruise is offered complimentary to our overnight guests or ask about private and small group charters. (Charter fee applies to private bookings)

    SUP Grande Group Outing

    This large inflatable SUP (stand up paddleboard) is a blast for you and a few of your close, or new, friends. Fitting 4 - 8 people astride on its large inflatable deck, use it for a fun group lake outing or an extraordinary team building activity. (Private group excursion fees apply)

    Sunset Glow Paddle

    Take in the setting sun then return aglow with either a paddleboard or kayak rigged with underwater lights. Become mesmerized as the smooth trickle of the water below your vessel shimmers with light. (Private group excursion fees apply)


    Sitting in the hull of a kayak puts you at one with nature with the lake and yourself. Take a leisurely paddle along the shores of Lake Austin and explore on your own or with friends.

    Water Ski | Wakeboard

    Charter with our local water ski experts and bring that summertime grin back to your face. Whether it’s bringing back memories of family fun on the lake or learning a new skill on the water, enjoy the watersport of your choice! (Charter fees apply)


    Catch the wave and understand what all the rave is about with the hot sport of wakesurfing. Charter with our local wakesurf experts and enjoy the endless wave of Lake Austin. (Charter fees apply)

    Wine-down Cruise

    Enjoy a glass of wine and a slow cruise to wrap up the final hours of daylight. A great time to reflect, relax and take in the sights. (Charter fees apply)

  • Nature Therapy | Hill Country and Lakeview Hikes

    Boat & Breakfast Hike

    A scenic morning boat ride to the trailhead, taking in the sights and sounds of nature rising to the sun. We will split into two groups for a hike of varying levels, then return to the boat for a slow cruise home with homemade healthy Texas Tacos, fruit and coffee.

    Geocache Scavenger Hunt Hike

    We put a fun twist on a hike outing with this high tech gps scavenger hunt. After an easy debrief of using a hand held gps device, you and your team will work together to navigate your way to the designated waypoints. (Private group excursion fees apply)

    Boaga Hike | Boat, Yoga & Breakfast

    Cruise Lake Austin to our trailhead, explore a lovely creekside trail and return to the shores for a refreshing series of yoga postures. After we stretch and release, we will board the boat for a tranquil cruise with homemade healthy Texas Tacos, fruit and coffee.

    Lakeside Walk or Jog

    A quiet, meditative lakeside walk or a brisk opportunity to get out and add more steps to your day in an amazingly beautiful environment! There are many health benefits to walking just 30 minutes a day, so enjoy our lakeside granite trail at whatever pace you choose.

    Ranch Ramble | Boat & Hike

    There is no better way to reach a trailhead than by boat! In route, take in the beauty and serenity of Lake Austin. Upon arrival to the lakeside trail, our experienced staff will give you two guided options, a leisurely walk or a slightly longer, more challenging hike.

    River View Hike

    This three mile “vista” hike is one of the most scenic in the area. Overlooking beautiful Lake Austin, this trail loops through canyons, across creeks and traverses limestone overlooks. This is one of our most challenging hikes, so be ready for “Texas steep” inclines and declines. A short 5-minute van ride gets us to the trailhead quickly.

    Majestic Oaks

    A moderate hike with rocky terrain inclines and declines. A good feel for what it was like to roam the trails of this former historic working cattle ranch, Steiner Ranch.

    Canyon Springs

    Through the canyon to the natural rock pool, this is a gorgeous Hill Country hike. A few steep inclines and declines, it may get muddy during the wet season, but it is worth every step.

    Valley Vista Forest Bathing Nature Walk

    A quiet walk through the woods utilizes all of the senses and puts you back in touch with the healing powers of nature. At the halfway point, you’ll do a series of guided yoga poses that both center and ground, as well as bring about a peaceful feeling that leaves you refreshed and reflective of the sensory feast that takes place in the woods. Forest Bathing is another term for Shinrin-yoku therapy and originated in Japan in the 1980s. It has quickly become a cornerstone of preventative health care in Japanese medicine and literally means “taking in the forest atmosphere." 

    Stairway to Heaven | Panther Hollow Double Diamond Boat Hike

    One of the toughest hikes around but definitely the most gorgeous. We will travel by boat to this trail of steep canyons and terrain that lead us meandering through this pristine preserve land. From the trail head we will parallel Panther Hollow creek and stop at several lookouts, dip our feet into the crystal clear waters and take in this heart pulsing and soul riveting environment.