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November 2014

November 3-9, 2014
Breathe: A practice of meditations for a tranquil Mind and Body


Friday, November 7, 2014
Dance Your Bliss!
With Special Guest: Rachel Fleischman
Dance Your Bliss™ is a powerful healing method that connects you to your best self, to others, and to boundless possibilities.
Untreated emotional pain is carried in the body and can manifest as problems at work and in relationships, or even as life-threatening disease. Using experiential techniques to break the link between emotions and disease, psychotherapist and master teacher Rachel Fleischman teaches your how to bring emotions into the physical body so they can be seen, felt, and healed.  
Through a combination of movement, mindfulness, guided imagery, and play, you experience your beauty and magnificence and begin a healing process that guides you to, unleash your power and passion, and discover immediate positive change in your life.
As you join others in laughter and learn to dance your bliss to a sublime range of music, you also gain the tools to transform emotions and heal. Inspired and encouraged, you feel peaceful, restored, and quite possibly blissed.


Mindfullness Meditation
A Blissfill Journey Into Your Best Self.
With Special Guest: Rachel Fleischman
Learn to use the Being Bliss Breathing Technique to increase calm, well-being and health. Mindfulness based meditation combines ancient wisdom and science-based techniques, allowing you to master your health and wellness. This fun and refreshing technique is a surprisingly simple yet deeply effective way to increase relaxation, lower blood pressure and improve over-all health and well-being. Breathe, relax, and begin to improve your health - inside and out.  Connect iwith your best self and see you life change before your eyes.
We will also journal so that you take insights, ideas and tips home with you.


Saturday, November 8, 2014
Blissed Out
Using Hypnosis to Improve Sleep and Overall Health
With Special Guest: Rachel Fleischman
Learn to use our innate emotional intelligence to get a refreshing good night's sleep, each and every night. Using easy to use and incredibly powerful techniques, you will slip away to blissful slumber.

Stress impacts sleep; and sleep deprivation in turn causes a host of other discomforts and negative outcomes. The hypnotic state alone relaxes the entire body and mind. Through gentle hypnosis,  the underlying causes of the stress can be determined and reprogrammed.  Using self-hypnotic techniques, you can respond in a way that causes your mind and body less stress. You do not want to miss this workshop

Rachel Fleischman, LCSW, REAT helps people move out of their heads and into their bodies to heal.  A licensed psychotherapist, inspirational speaker, movement teacher and expressive arts expert, she is the founder of Dance Your BlissTM    and the Being Bliss meditation CDs.

Fleischman has pioneered the combination of psychotherapy with movement, body awareness, expressive arts and spirituality.  Dance Your BlissTM has been featured at the Omega Institute's Being Yoga Conference, Omega’s Women & Courage Conference, Naropa's Hakomi Conference, Sofia University,, and the International Dance Therapy Conference. 
 She has published writings on mind-body psychotherapy in both academic and popular journals and travels frequently, teaching Dance Your Bliss throughout the US.  She currently maintains a private practice focusing on stress reduction and wellness in San Francisco.