Lake Austin Culinary Experience®

The Lake Austin Culinary Experience® is a great way to spice up your stay! We provide opportunities for you to learn from award winning chefs and other experts in our unique casual environment. This fun and informative program on all things culinary is offered the second full week of every month. Take a look at some our guest chef recipes. Call us at 800-847-5637 or request a reservation to book your stay today!

Lake Austin Culinary Experience®

Upcoming Dates:

  1. Lake Austin Culinary Experience August  
    August 15, 2016: Culinary Experience | Comfortably Classic

    Immerse yourself in all things tasty and delicious during August 15-21, 2016, for Lake Austin Culinary Experience® Week with special guests Chef Robin Miller and Culinary Expert Gail Simmons!

  2. Robin Miller  
    August 15, 2016: A Healthy Take with Robin Miller

    Master the art of healthy, stress-free meals with TV personality, food writer and nutritionist, Chef Robin Miller.

  3. Gail Simmons Lake Austin Spa Resort  
    August 20, 2016: Summer Favs with Special Guest Culinary Expert Gail Simmons

    Spoil your tastebuds with exceptional cooking from Top Chef judge Gail Simmons.

  4. Lake Austin Culinary Experience September  
    September 12, 2016: Culinary Experience | Cultural Influence

    Spice up your cooking with New Orlean cooking during September 12-18, 2016 for Lake Austin Culinary Experience® Week with special guests, Chef Susan Spicer and Chef Pati Jinich!

  5. Susan Spicer  
    September 12, 2016: Tastes of the French Quarter with New Orleans Chef Susan Spicer

    Spice up your appetite with tastes from New Orleans Chef Susan Spicer

  6. Pati Jinich  
    September 17, 2016: Mexican Today with Chef Pati Jinich

    Join Chef Pati Jinich in the Lake Kitchen for the ultimate blend of modern Mexican flavor.

  7. Culinary Experience October  
    October 10, 2016: Culinary Experience | Flavors of the Southwest

    Savor the flavor of the Southwest during October 10-16, 2016, for Lake Austin Culinary Experience® Week with special guests, Chef Johnny Vee and Chef Joseph Wrede!

  8. Johnny Vee  
    October 14, 2016: Cooking Class with Chef Johnny Vee

    Find the tastes of Santa Fe in this fun class with Chef Johnny Vee.

  9. Joseph Wrede  
    October 15, 2016: Cooking Class with Chef Joseph Wrede

    Revive your tastebuds with zesty flavors prepared by Chef Joseph Wrede.

  10. Culinary Experience November  
    November 14, 2016: Culinary Experience | Wine and Dine on Italian

    Discover your love for all things Italian during November 14-20, 2016, for Lake Austin Culinary Experience® Week with special guests, Food Writer Michele Scicolone and Wine Consultant…

  11. Food Writer Michele Scicolone  
    November 14, 2016: That’s Italian! with Food Writer Michele Scicolone

    Explore the rich tastes of  Italian cuisine with the help of Food Writer Michele Scicolone.

  12. Charles Scicolone  
    November 14, 2016: The Art of Italian Wine with Wine Consultant Charles Scicolone

    Learn the art of tasting Italian wine with wine expert Charles Scicolone.

  13. guest chef sara moulton  
    November 19, 2016: Home Cooking 101 with Chef Sara Moulton

    A popular guest chef at Lake Austin Spa Resort, Sara Moulton will be leading a fun, informative cooking demonstration in our relaxed, casual environment.

  14. December Lake Austin Culinary Experience®  
    December 12, 2016: Culinary Experience | Sharpen Your Cooking Skills

    Enhance your cooking and knife skills with the help of Chef Jeffrey Elliot during December's Lake Austin Culinary Experience® Week, December 12-18, 2016.

  15. Chef Jeffrey Elliot | Lake Austin Spa Resort  
    December 12, 2016: Cooking Class with Guest Chef Jeffrey Elliot

    Discover delicious fine flavors with the help of Jeffrey.

  16. Nina Compton | Culinary Experience January | Lake Austin Spa Resort  
    January 9, 2017: Caribbean Creole Classics with Chef Nina Compton

    Join the 'Queen of Caribbean Cooking" and discover the delicious taste of St.Lucia meets New Orleans.