Lake Austin Culinary Experience®

The Lake Austin Culinary Experience® is a great way to spice up your stay! We provide opportunities for you to learn from award winning chefs and other experts in our unique casual environment. This fun and informative program on all things culinary is offered the second full week of every month. Take a look at some our guest chef recipes.

Lake Austin Culinary Experience®

Upcoming Dates:

  1. august culinary week  
    August 10, 2015: Culinary Week August

    Our Lake Austin Culinary Experience is a fun-food-filled week, with events to help inspire that inner chef in our guests. Come enjoy our August Culinary Experience at Lake Austin Spa Resort…

  2. Woodhouse Chocolate  
    August 10, 2015: Woodhouse Chocolate Demo and Tasting

    Who doesn't love chocolate? We have brought in the best chocolatiers to demonstrate how to create chocolate from the finest ingredients, and of course tasting is involved!

  3. beth pav  
    August 12, 2015: Cooking Session with Beth Pav

    Beth Vlasich Pav, a chef and culinary educator, has been whipping up recipes, teaching people how to cook and writing about and styling food for almost 20 years.  

  4. Chef Gail Simmons  
    August 15, 2015: Cooking Session with Guest Culinary Expert Gail Simmons

    Come enjoy an exciting event at Lake Austin Spa Resort, a cooking session with culinary expert, food writer and tv personality, Gail Simmons.

  5. gail simmons at lake austin spa resort  
    August 16, 2015: Wine Reception and Book Signing with Gail Simmons

    Don't miss an exciting opportunity to attend a casual wine reception and booking signing with world-renowned Guest Culinary Expert Gail Simmons. 

  6. september culinary experience  
    September 14, 2015: Culinary Experience September

    A weeklong celebration at Lake Austin Spa Resort that features Star Chefs and Delicious Experiences. Don't miss Guest Chef Johnny Vee and Chef Joseph Wrede.

    September 14, 2015: Spectacularly Southern Soups and Stews

    Join Nancie in welcoming soup and stew season with two satisfying soups and signature Southern accompaniments: biscuits and pie.

  8. chef johnny vee  
    September 17, 2015: Cooking Sessions: Chefs Johnny Vee

    Learn the ins-and-outs of New Mexico-inspired cusine, featuring the Green Chile, from New Mexico's finest chef, Chef Johnny Vee. 

  9. Guest Chef Joseph Wrede  
    September 18, 2015: Cooking Session: Guest Chef Joseph Wrede

    Chef Joseph Wrede from Santa Fe's Joseph's of Santa Fe and formally Taos' Joseph's Table takes New Mexico chilies and elevates them to gourmet status.

  10. october culinary experience  
    October 12, 2015: Culinary Experience October

    Join us for our Lake Austin Spa Resort Culinary Experience, October 12 - 18, 2015 we will have a line-up of culinary classes including Special Guest Chefs Martin Rios and Cheryl Jamison!

  11. chef luca della casa  
    October 13, 2015: Cooking Session: Chef Luca Della Casa

    Join Chef Luca Della Casa for a cooking session at Lake Austin Spa Resort, he will share his passion for the Italian style cuisine, and bringing people together with food.

  12. martin rios  
    October 16, 2015: Cooking Session: Chefs Martin Rios and Cheryl Jamison

    Celebrate Santa Fe’s premier dining venue and the new New Martin Cookbook with Chef Martín Rios, wife/GM Jennifer Rios, and writer Cheryl Jamison

  13. culinary week november  
    November 9, 2015: Culinary Experience November

    A weeklong celebration at Lake Austin Spa Resort that features Star Chefs and Delicious Experiences. Don't miss our special Guest Chef Grace Young!

  14. guest chef grace young  
    November 10, 2015: Cooking Session: Guest Chef Grace Young

    Learn the world of Stir-Frying, from the Stir-Fry Guru herself, Chef Grace Young!

  15. guest chef sara moulton  
    December 14, 2015: Cooking Session: Guest Chef Sara Moulton

    A popular guest chef at Lake Austin Spa Resort, Sara Moulton will be a leading a fun, informative cooking demonstration in our relaxed, casual environment.