Quench! Water Weeks

Come on in….The water is fine! Our Stand Up and Paddle fitness classes will help keep your spirits afloat while you paddle to improve your health and well being on scenic Lake Austin. Or, develop harmony between your breath and body as you move through the water with grace and ease in our Water Relaxation class.

Quench! Water Weeks

June 8-13, July 6-11, August 3-8, September 7-12

Upcoming Dates:

  1. june quench week  
    June 8, 2015: June Quench Week

    Join us and cool off with our June Summer Quench week. We encourage you to step out of your robes and into the refreshing water of Lake Austin and enjoy water-inspired programs and activities.

  2. water aerobics  
    June 12, 2015: Aqua Splash with Mary Quinn

    Join Mary Quinn, for this high-energy, low impact water aerobics class, you can cool off while getting your cardio in!

  3. quench week  
    June 13, 2015: Silver Splash

    This low impact water aerobics class, is perfect for those with limited range of motion, it incorporates toning and cardio exercises.

  4. Water Warrior Aerobics  
    June 13, 2015: Water Warrior Aerobics

    Warrior workout… however, the workout is suitable for all levels, since it includes dynamic range of motion [ROM], stretching, balance and muscle conditioning and relaxation!

  5. quench week august  
    August 3, 2015: August Quench Week

    Be inspired to bring out your personal best with water fitness classes and activities, focus on your well-being and having fun!