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November 2014

Friday, November 21 - Saturday, November 22, 2014
Wine and Cheese Chat
Make Beauty Simple
With Susan Posnick

Join Susan in a wine and cheese chat as she shares her vision for Susan Posnick Cosmetics and how she creates beauty products for REAL LIFE. Using the finest quality ingredients in innovative, portable packaging, Susan’s goal is to Make Beauty Simple.

After an exciting and distinguished career painting the faces of models and celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Amber Valletta, Renee Russo, and Diane Lane, professional makeup artist Susan Posnick came face to face with a new challenge – skin cancer. Susan set aside the majority of her work in the film and fashion industry, and changed her focus to developing an innovative product offering substantial sun protection and healthy foundation coverage. Beginning with COLORFLO mineral foundation in 2002, Susan has since created a compact line of multi-purpose face, lip, and eye products — essential for modern beauty.

Susan Posnick Cosmetics really does make beauty simple for women of all ages and lifestyles.. Whether you’re a world traveler, working woman, a soccer mom, or all of the above, Susan Posnick Cosmetics is the easy solution for women who want to put their best face forward in the least amount of time.

Beginning spring 2013, Susan, who has long desired to make her company Beauty with a Purpose,  has made Mina Chang the new face of her line.  Mina is president of Linking The World; an organization that supplies food, medical aid, the building of schools, and compassion to those in need the world over.  A percentage of profits from the new SPRING lipstick shades will be donated to Linking the World.